How To Select the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Whether you are considering a surgical or non-surgical nose job, choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon to perform the procedure is a key step in ensuring natural-looking, satisfactory results. Keep in mind that the location of a top facial cosmetic surgeon that specializes in both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty is not necessarily an essential factor when it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon.

In other words, even if you live in Oregon, Arizona, or another state, you can still and should choose a superspecialist in California like Robert Kotler MD, whose practice is located in Beverly Hills. Even if you have to travel a considerable distance, this will ultimately work to your benefit because finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon can mean the difference between an amazing cosmetic enhancement and a scarred nose. If the procedure is not successful and you’re not happy with the outcome, you will have to undergo a revision rhinoplasty procedure, and this will cost you more money.

Taking the time to do some research and investigate the credentials and qualifications of your cosmetic surgeon will definitely pay off. You should look for an American Board of Medical Specialities ( ABMS) board-certified plastic surgeon with a valid and active medical license, an impressive surgical portfolio, high standing in organizations such as the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and of course, a track record of satisfied patients, among others.

All of these factors ultimately denote the surgeon’s experience and expertise in rhinoplasty. Robert Kotler MD specializes in both surgical and permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty, invented several devices such as the famous Kotler Nasal Airway used by other plastic surgeons from across the world, and his achievements over more than 30 years are recognized by his peers. If you qualify for non-surgical rhinoplasty ( which is preferred by many patients thanks to faster recovery and reduced price), you will benefit from saline demonstrations before the procedure and permanent results.

If you are looking for one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the nation do not hesitate to schedule a virtual consultation with Los Angeles rhinoplasty superspecialist Robert Kotler MD by calling (310) 278-8721 or by filling out the contact form that you can find on Dr. Kotler’s website robertkotlermd. com. During this initial, no-obligation consultation via Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp, you will discuss your specific nose job needs and expectations and see how Dr. Kotler can help you achieve your cosmetic goals either surgically or non-surgically, depending on the enhancement you’re looking for.

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